A Guide to Changing Complaints Handling To Meet The Localism Agenda

A guide to effective and proactive complaints resolution. Complaints should be welcomed as an opportunity for organisational improvement, rather than seen as a cost or annoyance.

Co Regulation means effective complaints handling is a regulatory requirement that must be demonstrated to tenants.

Poor complaints handling can be a trigger for identifying an underlying serious problem that could lead to regulatory engagement.

So you can't afford to get complaints handling wrong!

The toolkit includes:

• How social housing organisations may need to change complaints handling

• How complaints are dealt with by the Housing Ombudsman Service and the Housing Regulator in England.

It also provides practical assistance in complaint handling:

• Setting out the essential features of a good complaint system

• Considering the reasons people complain

• How complainants should be treated

• How staff should be trained and supported

• How to effectively use complaints to inform the co regulatory processes including self assessment

• Includes tenants and complaint adjudication.

Staff and boards will also find it useful.

Cost: £45 plus VAT.

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