Achieve Service Improvement Sustainably Learn How to Save Money and Maximise Income with Process Mapping 1-day workshop (ISO 9001)

Maximising income is the top task for organisations today. On way to do this is more effective void management and asset management. Solve your void problems for good, using process mapping and lean thinking!

Asset management is a huge area for registered providers and local authorities to get a firm grip on. For many organisations it costs millions every year and absorbs countless hours of your staff time. It is also the most important issue for tenants after paying their rent.

We all know managing our empty properties is a significant part of both asset management and maintaining income. It’s one of our key business processes and yet many organisations still struggle to achieve the levels of performance they want.

If you are one of these organisations read on, we can help you.

Our one-day workshop will guide you through a systematic new way of managing your empty properties. From the point the tenant gives notice to vacate, to the day the new tenant moves in, delegates will learn new powerful tools from the world of Lean and Six Sigma, which remain the most successful improvement methods around today.

This workshop will provide you with a springboard with which you can start to make step improvements in your void performance in a sustainable way.


As a result of this workshop you can expect:

-          Void problems to be solved more swiftly and sustainably.

-          Your teams to be more effective in identifying areas for improvement in voids and implementing them.

-          Your staff to be authentically engaged in voids improvement and more motivated.

-          An action plan for implementation. 

This can lead to:

  •         Reduced costs
  •          Increased income
  •          Supercharged staff 
  •          Delighted customers.

all at the same time!

Meet the trainer

Our trainer is a black belt in lean and six sigma thinking. He is a change and improvement specialist and coach with years of experience in both the private and public sector (including 7 years in housing as head of Performance). He has an impressive track record in bringing about sustainable change and service transformation through process review.

For more information and to discuss outcomes contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In house courses mean available - for the cost of 3 external places you can train 12 people