At Home With Performance Reports - A Customers Guide

The aim of the guide is to help tenants fully understand and question the information presented to them.

At Home with Performance Reports helps not only tenants, but board members and staff, become un-fazed by graphs and jargon. It provides a series of questions to ask when considering performance reports and shows some of the pitfalls of graphs, tables and statistics.

Yvonne Atkinson at BDA says:

"It is so important that tenants are involved and empowered. To do this landlords have to ask themselves: How easy is it to understand our performance reports? What help is needed to be able to interpret what we give them?

Our guide will help tenants, board members and staff truly understand some of the complex data and information that is presented to them, and helps them make informed judgements on the future of services.

It has a comprehensive jargon buster section."

Dr Alice Pearce is a consultant at the BDA and author of the recently updated (October 2015) guide.

The guide is available now and costs £150.00 plus VAT.

Scottish and Welsh versions of the guide are also available.

The guide is available as a PDF document only. The guide can be viewed as a PDF or printed to give to those interested in reading it.

If you still need more help we can provide an in-house course to help guide readers through it and apply it to your own performance reports.

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