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BDA Webinars 2017

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What your board members (and staff) get from webinars

A webinar is an online seminar. They last an hour and are interactive people can ask questions of the presenter and other attendees.

BDAs 40 webinars throughout the year are designed specifically for housing association board members

For board members who have a need and interest in learning more about a specific topic, relevant to their board role within a limited amount of time and without having to leave their office, webinars are ideal. They are: 

  • Easy to set up and easy to join.
  • No specialist software is needed you just need a laptop/computer/tablet /iphone with internet access  and a good headset or access to a  phone
  • Value for money - annual subscriptions for your everyone in your organisation ( board staff and involved tenants) is only £500.00 ( for HAs  with more than 1000 units ) or £100.00 (HA's under 1000 unit) plus VAT . That £12.50 or £2.50 per session respectively

Attendees can see the slides of the presentation and hear the voice of the host live, and other attendees without moving from their desk! They can also ask questions, either by typing them or asking them verbally.

To join you are sent a link to the webinar on Monday before the session

The session is  recorded – this enables the presentation with commentary to be viewed and listened to by any board member who could not attend.


For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our planned webinars for this year are below We remain flexible and able to  introduce new webinars throughout the year to discuss topical issues.

Date Subject
January Developing The Strategy for 2017-18
Friday 13th Jan Understanding the 4 Levels of Strategic Thinking
Friday 20thJan Deregulation what will this mean?
Friday 27th Jan Keeping Strategic - The Board Role & Helicopter thinking
Friday 3rd Feb Risk Management
Friday 10th Feb What are the sector risks in the UK?
Friday 17th Feb Diversification and Risk
Friday 24th Feb Developing Tramlines for risks in decision making
March Monitoring Performance and Performance Review
Friday 3rd March Using the Balanced Scorecard to monitor performance
Friday 10th March Understanding and using data: Overview of Board Role
Friday 17th March What is a Lean review all about?
Friday 24th March How to commission a Governance Review
Friday 31st March Reviewing the Scheme of Delegation
Friday 7th April The Role of the Audit Committee and Risk 1
Friday 28th April The Role of the Audit Committee   2
May Key Issues
Friday 5th May Health and safety
Friday 12th May Data Protection and cyber security
  Working with Residents to Improve Governance and Service Delivery
Friday 19th May Developing an effective Resident empowerment and scrutiny strategy
Friday 26th May Channel Shift: customer   service and technology
Friday 2nd June Tenants on Boards is this still relevant
Friday 9th June Understanding your Residents Profile
Friday 16th June Dealing with Customer Complaints
  Developing the Board
Friday 23rd June Board Appraisal
Friday 30th June Board Succession Plans and the skills Board Members need
 July Good Governance
Friday 7th July What is Good Governance?
Friday14th July The role of the Governance Officer
 September Organisation Development
Friday 8th Sept Code on Mergers for Housing Associations in England
Friday 15th Sept Shared services – an alternative to merger?
Friday 22nd Sept Managing Change
  New Board Induction
Friday 29th Sept Role of the whole Board
Friday 6th Oct Role and Responsibilities of an effective directors
Friday 13th Oct Regulation in England
Friday 20th Oct Regulation in Wales
Friday 27th Oct Regulation in Scotland
 November Finance for Non-Financial Board Members
Friday 3rd Nov An introduction to Housing Association Financial accounts
Friday 10th Nov How to read financial reports
Friday 17th Nov What is Treasury Management?
Friday 24th Nov Evaluating capital investment programmes
1st Dec What Finance is available
8th Dec Value for Money
15th Dec Social Value

Don't miss out on BDA's 2017 Powerful webinars see this board member's view

"Overall I found the Webinars really useful and easy to understand the main salient points of the subject matter.

In addition they are an excellent point of reference for the future."







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