Dr Alice Pearce


Alice has over 9 years experience working in Governance in a number of Housing providers including an LSVT, an ALMO and a Group structure with commercial subsidiaries. During this time she also did some work with the BDA including writing the guide ‘At home with performance data’ and other consultancy work. While on maternity leave from the GreenSquare Group she started working with the BDA again, leading on the Go! Governance Officers network. Prior to working in Housing she spent four years getting her Phd and five years in research in Molecular Biology. From this she brings analytical and problem isolating and solving skills to any project she takes on.

Alice’s primary area of Governance expertise, is from the perspective of the Governance Officer/Manager and she has seen and heard most of the problems out there! Including those relating to:

• Board recruitment, training and appraisals,
Resident Scrutiny,
Governance staff recruitment, training, motivating and management,
Meeting management, minutes, rules and standing order interpretation; and
Company secretary responsibilities.

She also has experience in performance data collation, policy, project research, business continuity, and communications.