Essential for Good Governance: Get an Independent Perspective

Having run Board Appraisal (whole Board and individual members) programmes across the UK for 10 years, we at the BDA have tried every appraisal scheme going and know what has worked well in Board Reviews. 

It’s obvious to us that an ‘off the shelf’ programme is not the way to go, so we make sure we work with you to establish a Board Review which has a mentoring approach rather than a judgemental one. We also link it to your business plan to ensure that we can help you judge members strengths against the business plan for success against the regulatory frameworks and codes of governance in the UK and the Code of Practice.

What do these say about Board Review?

That housing provider's boards and staff should have the requisite skills and capability to perform their function and it should be continually assessed. Ensuring they:

  • Have in place an appropriate skills strategy to address the needs of the business. The social housing sector is becoming more complex and the expectation is that continuous improvement in the skills and capacity of registered providers will be necessary to keep up with this development.
  • Look at whether boards and management have appropriate competencies (competencies are 'out' actually - 'Strengths' are 'in'), experience and technical knowledge as required by the size, scale and risk profile of the organisation, the business it is involved in, or is going to become involved in, as well as the external operating environment.
  • Consider whether an external expert or other professional support is appropriate.
  • Satisfy themselves of the impartiality of any external support or advice.
  • Have in place plans to address any skills gaps identified (including through bringing in external skills), and such plans are monitored to ensure that they are followed through.

The Code of Governance Excellence says:

The Board must undertake a formal and rigorous annual appraisal of its members and of the Board as a whole.

The specific requirements are: 

Where possible, appraisals should be carried out with the help of an independent third party to demonstrate transparency and fairness.

It is recommended that an independent perspective is obtained at least every three years.

Is it time you got a wider independent perspective? 

Cost: Probably not as much as you think. We will give you a full menu of options to suit your budget and your own in house capabilities.

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