External Facilitation of Strategic Aways Days Gets Better Outcomes

This year social housing organisations have some very tough and difficult dercisions to make. How can you make this decision making process easier?

External facilitators play a key role in helping organisations teams and individuals understand what they need to change and how they need to change it.

External facilitations helps organisations get better outcomes and buy in from your board away day. Outcomes of external facilitation include:

• Active participation

• Assists in generating ideas

• Manages group conflict

• Provides structure and focus

• Guides groups through decision making

• Potential to reduce meeting time

• Creates decision making buy in from group members and reduces the risk of additional meetings

With BDA you get a facilitation expert;

• Who is impartial

• Leads the group to effective decision making

• Understands the complexity and regulatory requirement of the social housing sector

• Offers both content and process facilitation

Expert facilitation can be particularly helpful where issues are complex or contentious, where perspectives and interests are many and diverse, and where a high degree of creativity, consensus and collaboration are required.

An external facilitator may be particularly helpful when the leader needs to contribute fully to content of the task, rather than its process, or when the group may find it difficult to trust that the leader’s facilitation will be content neutral.

Assured Outcomes with a BDA Facilitator

• Collaborative relationship

• Well planned approach in partnership with you

• Creates a participatory environment

• Guides the group to appropriate and useful outcomes

For more information about how to make you board away day a success contact Yvonne Atkinson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.