Good Administration for Trainee Governance Support Staff




Junior Governance Support Officer Training 2018

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Make your job easier and understand it better by joining our Governance Support Officer training programme. It gives you the skills you need to excel.

Outline of the programme

1     The background to governance in the sector

  • What the HCA/SHR is and does
  • The role of the board
  • Role of board committees
  • Role of the directors
  • The Role of the Chief Executive
  • The Role of the Governance Officers
  • What support the board, Chief Executive and organisation needs from Governance Officers/Company Secretary
  • Interpreting the skills required in your job description
  • Role of the organisation’s business plan

 2   Essential meeting skills; the elements of a good board meeting

  • The meeting rules for successful meetings – usual conventions and where these are set out in your organisation
  • The role of the Chair
  • Preparation process needed to ensure a successful meeting
  • The role of the agenda
  • Agenda preparation process
  • Planning meetings
  • Linking agendas to agreed business objectives
  • Reports and information
  • Confidentiality
  • Voting and consensus decision making

3    Developing Governance Officer skills

  • Minutes – the importance of recording discussions and decisions
  • Skills needed to develop good minute taking skills
  • Listening skills
  • Minute writing conventions
  • Checking for accuracy
  • Confidentiality and circulating minutes
  • Using electronic systems

In addition you can have 2 hours of mentoring. 

Cost £450.00 plus VAT 

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Don't want to travel ? The programme is available for in house bookings

For more details or to register your interest contact: Dr Alice Pearce This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or ring her for a chat on 0117 9397653