Go! Train

Go! Train

Go members get discounts on training and mentoring to Governance Officers, Execs, Board members, Chairs residents and other people involved in Governance. 

Training can be in house or at open training sessions, or via Webinars. You can get tailored training to meet your outcomes.

See our events page here, or contact us to discuss your be spoke training. 

Recent training topics have included:

  • Board Member induction
  • Board appraisals (Individual members and the Board as an entity)
  • Chairs Training
  • Handling of Customer Feedback
  • How to avoid Down regulation 
  • Understanding Finances
  • LEAN
  • Scrutiny
  • Tools and Techniques - performance review/management
  • Project Management
  • Audit and Risk
  • Understanding Landlords performance
  • Equality and Diversity