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Governance Review supports Good Business

A Governance Review is easy to do if integrated with an  independent board appraisal - and at BDA we do it at no extra cost. 

Why do this?        

Good governance means good business. Independent governance reviews are an an important part of continuous performance improvement.

In England the HCA code of practice says registered providers should assess the effectiveness of their governance arrangements at least once a year.  Our recommendation is that at the very least it can be done together with the annual board review to achieve the following

Five Attributes of Good Audit Committee Chairs

Five Attributes of Good Audit Committee Chairs

Audit committees are the eyes and ears of the board and help guard financial integrity. They do this with the help of internal auditors. We are keenly aware of how effective the chair of audit is in supporting internal audit's independence. The audit committee oversees the building and execution of risk-based audit plans, so a strong audit committee chair can serve as a guide, sounding board, advocate, referee, and protector.

From our experience, the best audit committee chairs possess certain attributes that not only position them as outstanding leaders, but also as strong and passionate supporters of the internal audit function.

What attributers do good audit committee chairs share?

Businesses must do more to help BME workers progress their careers

Businesses must do more to help BME workers access the labour market and progress their careers,  in response to the  Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) breakdown of the current scale of the problem faced by those from BME backgrounds when looking for work. According to latest ONS statistics, the annual BME employment rate was 62.7%, almost 13 percentage points lower than the White employment rate of 75.4%.

Register of people with significant control – new compliance obligations

On 6 April  2016,  changes made to the Companies Act  2006 will  introduce a new requirement  for companies,  to keep a register  of  individuals that  have significant  influence or  control  over  them ( the PSC Register ) .   

From 30 June 2016 onwards, companies,  have to deliver information contained in their PSC Register annually to Companies House as part of their confirmation
statement (which replaces the existing annual return)

Why you should love your Governance Officer?

OK, so maybe not love, but appreciate? value? know more about?

I m going to start with something that happened the other day. I was in a meeting of Housing professionals discussing the effects of the rent changes and how Housing Associations can thrive not just survive when a colleague leant over to me and whispered, ‘what exactly do Governance Officers do?’. When I had finished explaining she said, ‘oh so they are really important then’.

That got me thinking, Maybe others don’t know exactly what we do, or all that we do.

Governance and Cybersecurity

Organisations paying little attention to governance measures around cybersecurity face a daunting task even though new EU-wide legislation is not expected until 2018, data protection specialists have warned.

Equality In The Boardroom

Lord Davies has published his final report on improving the gender balance on UK boards. He was asked to improve the shocking statistic that in 2011 some boards were all male.


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