Its never been easier to learn : the oustanding benefits of E-learning webinars

Compared to traditional forms of training E-Learning delivers a consistent approach to skills and knowledge acquisition  and  reduces your organisation’s training costs.

Our e-learning live interactive webinars :

  • Are one hour long at roughly weekly intervals for 40 weeks of the year
  • Keep your governing body and staff up-to-date with the latest developments and initiatives
  • Ensure your board  are equipped to lead the organisation
  • Make it easy to provide training and development after annual reviews
  • Are easy to evaluate the impact of training

Save your organisation time and money by training  governing body members and staff only in the subjects they need, avoiding  travel or in house training costs.

Suitable For Millennials and promotes channel shift
E-Learning is better for the millennials staff and busy board members . Today people  "work"  not just for money, but also to continually learn. With a classroom style learning environment, there are only a limited number of training programs that an employee or governing body member could attend in a year. With e-learning, the knowledge is always available at their disposal – this gives them better access to subjects they are interested in and not necessarily those that would benefit them at work. Not only does this benefit the learner, but is also a terrific human resource asset to ensure retention. Organisations that enable access to valuable e-learning subjects to their staff and governing bodies enjoy better loyalty  and instill a greater sense of accomplishment .

For more information go to our events pages to see this Autumn's up and coming interactive webinars and to our webinar pages to see the past webinars.

Easy-to-use platform

Our e-learning platform is easy to navigate, allowing learners to gain knowledge quickly, whatever their IT ability.  Good broadband is required. With all recorded webinars  accessible 24 hours a day, your board and staff can learn at their own pace at a time that is convenient for them. Technical help, if it is needed, is provided over the phone or via email.

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