Resident Scrutiny Toolkit

Our seminal Resident Scrutiny Toolkit has been used by many housing associations as the template for how to set up a resident scrutiny panel since it was first published in 2009. It has been updated to take account of changes in regulation commencing 1st April 2012.

If effective consumer regulation is to happen there must be effective residents scrutiny.

Yvonne Atkinson, the author of the Toolkit says:

"Many housing associations are failing to recruit and train tenants to play this very important co regulatory role of a residents scrutiny panel. Our experience is that tenants love this role and enjoy being trained to undertake it. It gives them a new experience of being valued and a playing and effective part in co regulation."

Since 1 April 2012 tenants together with the board hold the executive to account for the consumer regulations. The regulators backstop role means they will only intervene where there is the likelihood of "serious detriment to tenants".

So tenants really must be given the opportunity to scrutinise the services in detail and the decisions boards and the executive are making on behalf of the organisation.

The Local Authority Tenants Scrutiny Toolkit is essential reading for local authorities. It

• Defines and explains what Resident Scrutiny means for local authorities and Co regulation

• Gives practical steps about how to establish resident scrutiny, including terms of reference and how to choose topics for scrutiny

• Shows how it links to resident involvement activities across the Local Authority.

Yvonne Atkinson, author of the guide states:

"The toolkit helps housing services set up and run successful Residents Scrutiny panels."

This essential guide will save your council time and money!

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