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Diversification and Risk

In this webinar we look at what the risks are to an organisation if it wishes to diversify into new areas of business.

What should the board be aware of? How might an organisation approach diversification? What do the regulators say?

Data Protection and Cyber Security

Data Protection and cyber security issues continue to hit the headlines, and boards need to understand what’s at stake and how to manage the risks. In this webinar we will cover:

• What’s changing in 2016
• Understanding the cybersecurity problem
• GDPR compliance
• Managing the Risks
• What the Board needs to do

Effective Succession Planning and Board Skills

Getting the right skills on your board requires the right succession plan. In this webinar we talk about the skills needed today by boards; how boards can plan to make sure their team is diverse with the experience needed.

Dr Alice Pearce a governance officer leads this webinar and talks about best practice.

New Ways of Working

In this webinar we explore new ways of working; whether this is hot desking, home working and using digital technology. We look at how organisations are changing, what skills new ways of working require and the benfits to staff and customers and organisations as a whole. What do board members need to be aware of? What will the future hold with the speed of change in technology?

What Is The Change Management?

The importance of managing change in this fast changing world is not to be underestimated. Many organisations describe themselves as being in a state of “wobble” as they ask “how do we reshape ourselves?” Listen to this thought provoking webinar.

Shared Services An Alternative Option To Merger?

Shared services are increasingly being seen as a VfM option to merger. Before the new year the government was promoting this for housing associations. This webinar will look at the shared service option and the pros and cons of this.

Preparing A Business Case For Mergers

This webinar looks at what staff and the board need to do to go beyond the first stage of considering a merger. We look at best practice advice on preparing a strategic case, an outline business case and a full business case; the process and preparation required to decide on the merger options partner and business case before making the final decision on whether to merge with a preferred partner.

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