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Planning For Rent Reductions

In this webinar you find out about What is proposed in the CSR? What this means for your organisation. How boards might approach the business plan review.

Appraising The CEO

In this webinar you find out about The role of the board in CEO appraisal. Why the board needs to appraise the CEO. How often. The appraisal process. What the codes of governance say. Why its is good business practice. The link to the business plan and dstaff appraisals. Investors in People.

The Importance of Getting Resident Scrutiny Right

In this webinar you find out about What is Resident Scrutiny? Why it is best practice? How it relates to co regulation. What residents scrutinise. Resident scrutiny in practice. Recruitment and succession planning. Supporting tenants. Tenants adding value not being seen as a threat!

RTB2 Proposals and Implications

In this webinar you find out about What is being proposed. How this could affect your organisation. The problems the government may have to overcome. What steps the sector is taking to discuss this.

Safeguarding an issue for Social Housing #2

In this webinar you find out about What safeguarding is. What abuse is and who is at risk. How to recognise and know what to do if you believe that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk. How to identify the issues and barriers. The multidisciplinary framework. What the organisation’s obligation is to have police checks for staff, board, involved tenants and volunteers.

Equality and Diversity

In this webinar you find out about What ‘Equality and Diversity’ means. How to identify ways that people are different. Personal assumptions and attitudes. The differing types of discrimination. The Basics of Equality and Diversity Legislation. The duty of social housing organisations in relation to equality and diversity. What the regulations say. Co regulation equality and diversity. The Legal Case for Equality and Diversity. The Business for Equality and Diversity.

Board Recruitment

In this webinar you find out about What a board/your board is there to do. Why a planned and sustainable recruitment approach is so important. The role of governance. The process. Should we use tests? Conclusions on successful recruitment.

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