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Executives On The Board

In this webinar you find out about The difference between a non executive director and executive director. The responsibilities of each. Whether we need both on the board? Why might we want both? How we safeguard against executive dominance? Should the chair be an executive? What regulations in Scotland and England say about this.

What Do Board Members Need To Know About Health and Safety?

In this webinar you find out What is the board’s role in Health and Safety? What’s the board’s legal responsibility for health and safety? What are the key health and safety issues for the board? What are the liabilities and consequences that flow from leadership failure in H&S risk management – personal, organisational and regulatory? What can be covered by insurance? How is the board’s strategic focus on health and safety communicated to operational staff and customers? Do staff take ownership? How are operational risks managed? How does the board review the effectiveness of systems and management structures; Performance reporting what gets reported to the board and how often? Dealing with a serious incident.

What Is Stress Testing?

In this webinar you find out about the History or provenance of stress testing, How stress testing relates to assurance and risk, Definition of stress testing, Aim and importance of stress testing and Regulations in England and stress testing.

Effective Risk Management Strategy

Some Housing Associations have become complex organisations undertaking diverse activities such as outright sales, student accommodation, PFI transactions and care and support activities, and also working in partnership with others.

These (and restriction in rent chargeable in England ) and welfare changes across the UK have given rise to increased risk. Risks for instance to profitable segments of a Housing Association’s business if used to subsidise non-profitable segments.

Increased borrowing and liquidity difficulties may expose the housing sector to risks and ultimately threaten the viability of a Housing Association.

Effective risk management is required by all regulatory regimes in the UK in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is essential that board members understand how to do this

Risk Management #2

In this webinar you find out about Risk definition & language, Risk appetite, Risk governance, roles & responsibilities, Risk policy, Risk & control self assessment and Key risk indicators.

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