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Board Equality and Diversity Survey

In this webinar you get find out about Gender discrimination – and a snapshot of what is happening on housing boards and quick view on the wider voluntary vs prescriptive approaches. The Government Equality Office Report - findings on gender and diversity representation on boards. The Davis Report 2011 and review 2014. Whether we need a code of practice? BDA’s Equality and Diversity Survey 2014.

What Are Your Financial Spiders?

In this webinar board members find out about what financial information they need to understand and why in the context of their governance role and what the regulator requires.

Leadership Role of Chairs

In this webinar you find out What the role of the chair is, Whether you have to be a good leader to be a good chair, What a good chair needs to know and do, What skills and understanding Chairs need to have, What the benefits are to the organisation or group of a good chair and What support Chairs need.

Board Member Induction Regulation in Scotland

In this webinar you find out about the Aims of Regulation, Short History of Housing Regulation in Scotland from 2002, Review of Regulation in 2006, New Regulation introduced in 2012 and Regulatory Principles.

How To Avoid Board Member Liability

In this webinar you find out about How to avoid board member Liability and safeguard assets to keep within regulatory charitable purposes and use of public funds limitations. Charitable Purposes. The difference between a for profit and not for profit company. The role of Trustee/Board Member in relation to organisations with charitable objectives. Duties of a Trustee/Board Member. What the dangers are of personal liability for board decisions. Case studies. What advice and support boards need.

Board Member Induction Regulation in England

In this webinar you find out about The aims of regulation, The short history of housing regulation in england from 2000, The review of regulation in 2007, The new regulations introduced in 2010/2012, The regulatory principles and Co Regulation.

Key Issues for Board Members Today

In this webinar you find out about Context and issues, What’s limiting the board’s vision?, External Factors (PEST), Internal Factors (Culture) and Regulatory Factors.

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