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Key Issues for Board Members Today #2

In this webinar you find out about today’s Context and Issues for housing associations such as the External Context Political Economic Social Technological (PEST), Internal (Culture) managing change, capabilities & skills, succession planning and Regulatory context.

Board Member Induction Getting The Right Induction Plan For You

In this webinar you find out What to expect from induction?, What the Codes of Governance say about Induction, The purpose of Induction, What documents that support good Induction, What approaches support good Induction, The role of the chair and staff in induction and How to identify what support you need.

Induction The Role of the Board

In this webinar you find out about the Role of the board, Collective responsibilities of the Board and Relationship of the board to the executive and staff.

Value For Money

In this webinar you find out What is VFM?, Key principles, How it helps your business? and What the regulator is looking for.

Net Present Value

In this webinar you find out about The regulatory context for needing to know your return on investment, How to assess costs and benefits in a project, The problem that Net Present Value (NPV) addresses, Basic understanding of NPV calculation and the importance of the discount rate.

Social Impact Assessment

In this webinar you find out about the Background to social impact how this relates to VFM regulatory standard, best value and Public services (Social Value) Act 2012, Options for measuring social impact - social value assessment methods tools and examples, Advantages / disadvantages of different methods and Actions required.

Safeguarding an Issue For Social Housing

In this webinar you find out about What abuse is and who is at risk, How to recognise and know what to do if you believe that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk, How to Identify the issues and barriers, About the multidisciplinary framework and What is the organisations obligation to have police checks for staff board involved tenants and volunteers.

Coaching and Mentoring

In this webinar you find out about The leadership role of the chair, What a good chair needs to know and do, What skills and understanding chairs need to have to lead an effective team, What is peer mentoring and How Peer mentoring can help support chairs.

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