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The new Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations in Wales

A new framework came into effect from January 2022, replacing the once that had been in place since 2017. It explains how Housing Associations are regulated in Wales and key aspects of the previous framework remain in place. For example, co-regulation, regulated self-evaluation and risk-based regulation remain central to the overall approach.

The new framework has been designed to reflect changes to housing associations’ operating environment since 2017 and to emphasise the importance of hearing the Tenants’ Voice and keeping tenants safe in their homes.

So what are the main differences?

  • Nine new, outcome focused, regulatory standards
  • A new approach to assessment based on a programme of Full Regulatory Assessment Reviews (FRAR) or more ‘light touch’ Regulatory Assessment Reviews (RARs). This new model will start some time in 2022/23 financial year. Until then a Transition Regulatory Review process (TRR) will take place focusing on an association’s compliance with the new Regulatory standards, financial viability, governance and service delivery
  • A new traffic light approach to regulatory judgement statues:

Hearing the Tenants’ Voice

Two new Regulatory Standards (RS4 and RS5) clarify the Regulator’s desired outcomes around keeping tenants safe in their homes, promptly addressing any non-compliance on health & safety issues, and providing opportunities for tenants to influence strategic decision-making and to shape the delivery of services. An important aspect of the latter standard will be the ability to demonstrate the difference tenant involvement is making to how services are designed and delivered.

To see the framework in full visit: Housing associations registered in Wales: regulatory framework | GOV.WALES

Deborah Walthorne BDA Consultant (02.03.22)

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