Appraising the CEO - how should the board approach this?

Boards are responsible for managing and appraising the CEO. Key questions the Chair and Board need to ask is about CEO appraisals are:

  1. How does appraising the CEO fit with the organisation’s strategic plan?
  2. When is it best to appraise the CEO?
  3. Who appraises the CEO?
  4. How do we appraise the CEO: Is there an agreed process
  5. How do we gather feedback on the CEO’s performance
  6. How do we measure the CEO’s performance?
  7. What questions could be should we ask in the appraisal?
  8. How do we set and agree CEO performance indicators and development plans?

We know from talking to chairs that whether the organisation's current approach is optimal can be a cause of anxiety to many chairs and boards.

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