Housing Associations and Board Members

Interactive Webinar Subscription

A webinar is an online seminar. They last an hour and are interactive, people can ask questions of the presenter and other attendees.

Your subscription gives you access to a year of housing specific webinars designed for Board Members (term-time only so approx. 30 - 35 in total).

Our webinars are an ideal, time efficient training solution for your Board Members without having to leave the desk! Our weekly webinars are on a range of interesting, relevant and informative topics from finances to resident engagement. They are:

- Easy to set up and easy to join
- No specialist software is needed you just need a laptop/computer/tablet /iPhone with internet access or access to a phone

- Access to a huge backlog of training via our website

- Value for money - annual subscriptions is for everyone in your organisation (board, staff and involved tenants) is only:

£600.00 (for HAs with more than 1000 units) or £300.00 (for HAs under 1000 units) plus VAT. You can also pay for one Webinar at a time for £30 plus VAT

Attendees are able to watch and listen to the online webinar presented by the host, complete with a full slide deck, without needing to move from their desk. The sessions also include interactive question and answer sessions so that you get the information you need.

To join you are sent a link to the webinar a few days before the session, and on the day of the session.

The session is recorded – this enables the presentation with commentary to be viewed and listened to by any board member who could not attend, whenever they wish. You can also watch the recordings of previous session aired before you joined. An instant library of training included in the subscription

See upcoming webinars and our recorded back catalogue.

For more information contact enquiries@boardagency.org.uk

Overall I found the Webinars really useful and easy to understand the main salient points of the subject matter. In addition, they are an excellent point of reference for the future.
The Board Development Agency Webinars have been a life saver – particularly during this period of lockdown. The subject matter has been relevant (the team are very responsive to suggestions from those using the service) and the individuals presenting and leading discussions obviously know their stuff. I have had very positive feedback from colleagues and Board members