The Board Development Agency

Board and Governance Reviews

Whether you are reviewing your board's effectiveness, want to do a mini review of your governance structure or a full governance review, the BDA can bring you that vital independent view.

We will ensure your governance is efficient, effective and delivers good value for money so you can deliver your vision and mission in the best way possible.

Board and Governance Reviews

Our approach will provide you with a fully rounded assessment of your governance practice, its strengths, and our recommendations for improvement. Our recommendations are designed to be constructive, practical and forward-looking so that you can develop a plan for continuous improvement, build your succession plans, ensure boards are well supported in their work and assess how fit for purpose your governance framework and documents are. We enable you to demonstrate the degree to which you are meeting your corporate objective, maintaining good governance and the requirements and good practice expectations of the Regulators and your respective Code of Governance.

Our support programmes are offered at fees you can afford. For up-to-date costs or to book please contact or call us on 0117 9631333.

Board Performance and Effectiveness Review?

Good governance includes reviewing the boards performance collectively and individually. A Board review with the BDA provides you with:

· A fresh perspective and independent view

· Independent support of the Chair’s appraisal

· An independent person’s viewpoint, which Boards are more able to accept recommendations from

· More time for the Board to consider strategic issues as the BDA will prepare all the paperwork and reports

· Ensuring you meet your regulatory requirements of the Regulator for Social Housing, Scottish Housing Regulator and Welsh Government and your Code of Governance

· A route map to improve the Board's performance and effectiveness

· Confidence for the executive that the Board is fit for purpose

· More productive Board meetings and effective decision making going forward

· Improved personal relationships and appreciation of individual roles and skills

· Improved Board teamwork and a collaborative working relationship with the executive and with internal and external stakeholders

· The groundwork in place for better succession planning and board recruitment

Best practice recommends that Board reviews are carried out with the support of an independent body at a minimum every three years.

Review Against Your Code of Governance

How well does your organisation meet the standards set out in the new NHF code of Governance?

We can review your arrangements and give you assurance you are meeting the code, or give you practical recommendations on how to meet it. Our recommendations are designed to be constructive, meaningful and forward-looking. They are designed for realistic and meaningful continuous improvement in your governance processes, while addressing the requirements of the code.

More about the NHF Code of Governance 2020

With the new Code comes the requirement to do the annual assessment against it. With the new format some assistance might be helpful, particularly with those elements that are new or have a greater emphasis:

• The views and needs of their residents and other customers are at the heart of strategic decision-making (adoption of Together with Tenants)

• Robust oversight of measures to keep residents, other customers and staff safe

• Boards exert a firm grip of risk, including thoroughly testing the impact of potential risk scenarios on the organisation’s future plans.

Greater emphasis is also on:

• Accountability to stakeholders, including residents and other customers

• Equality, diversity and inclusion in governance

• Environmental sustainability

• Organisational culture

Our support programmes are offered at fees you can afford. For up-to-date costs or to book please contact or call on 0117 9631 333.

Overall I found the Webinars really useful and easy to understand the main salient points of the subject matter. In addition, they are an excellent point of reference for the future.
The Board Development Agency Webinars have been a life saver – particularly during this period of lockdown. The subject matter has been relevant (the team are very responsive to suggestions from those using the service) and the individuals presenting and leading discussions obviously know their stuff. I have had very positive feedback from colleagues and Board members