Happy Staff, Board & Customers
What they've said about us
Thank you Bill for the information you provided. I logged on this morning and watched your magnificent presentation on “Intro to Finance”.

I also watched the “Role of the Chairman” which was very informative.

I can certainly see the significant benefit of improving knowledge and understanding by watching these very professional webinars.
Board Member
The webinars, 1-1’s and Go Surgeries were extremely helpful and we both found these useful.

The Go Surgeries for me particularly were good to be able to discuss different topics and learn about how other organisations worked.
Kate Taylor
I had a wonderful experience with the Alice’s Governance officer training was excellent, and I felt very well supported throughout.

It was great to network with the other Go! Members on my course and was reassuring to know we were all at similar levels in our Governance career.

I have come away from the training feeling more confident in my role and I’m comforted by the fact I can contact Alice for any future Governance queries I may have.
Poppy Hayes
Governance Officer
Yesterday's webinar on the NHF Code of Governance was very informative and it was encouraging to know we are already ticking many of the boxes with regards to customer engagement.

Being new to the housing sector I can already see that these webinars bring a wealth of information, so I plan to keep using this resource to learn.
Tish Etter
Metropolitan Thames Valley