Governance Office Leadership Programme

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Specialist Training For Governance Officers

Well trained, knowledgeable governance staff and Company Secretary are vital in any organisation. This is exactly what you get with the BDA's course.

This is an 8 module vocational programme for staff who support boards and governance.

This course increases your confidence and standing. By the end of the course you will gain a thorough understanding of the principles and mechanics of governance in a housing organisation and how to empower your governing body to deliver good governance in your organisation. You will also understand the role of a company secretary and why you do the tasks you do.

How It Is Taught

The 8 modules program will be taught via a series of approx. 8 webinars and online tutorials. You will also need to complete assessed assignments for each module and a diary or personal development record of what you have learnt from the module and how you have applied that in your working life.

The course covers the following topic areas:

• Introduction to the legal framework
• Role of the governance officer and governing bodies
• Effective decision making and good governance

For more details please contact or call on 0117 9631 333.