Virtual Chair’s Training

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Take your chairing skills to a new level. Join our sessions to share and find out how to lead your organisation or committee in virtual and face to face meetings.

This  3 session Masterclass will increase your confidence, so you are effective in this challenging role.

The learning outcomes of the training – to build understanding of:

The Task 

  • The mechanics of chairing meetings
  • Mastering face to face meetings
  • Managing virtual and hybrid meetings
  • Top Tips: the power of questions to steer start and wind-up debate
  • Chair action plan

The Role 

  • The leadership role of the chair
  • The role in securing viability good governance and regulatory judgments
  • The responsibilities of chair to the governing body or committee
  • The role in securing outcomes for customers

The People/the team/the individuals

  • The roles people play
  • The relationship with other members
  • Resolving problems
  • How to build a great team
  • The chair’s relationship with the executive

The Action Plan 

  • The benefits to the organisation of good chairing
  • The development needs of the chair
  • Equality and diversity implications
  • Session review- what will you do differently
  • Your three-point action plan

Virtual Chair’s Training will be held online, with 3 two hour zoom session.

11, 20 and 27 October. 4.00 – 6.00pm. The course cost only £350 plus VAT per person (10% discount for Go! members).

Contact us now to book.

The program is also available tailored to your organisation.

We are also able to offer an extended, bespoke version of this training tailored to your organisation’s position and needs. Please contact us for more details and a specific quote.

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