Board Induction Program

Are you new to be being a Board Member? Or would like to brush up on your skills?

We are introducing an exciting new program that will run over 6 weeks as weekly online sessions on Tuesdays from 12.30 pm to 2 pm starting 13 September 2022.

Each week will be a different topic helping you better understand the role of a Board Member:

Introduction to The Social Housing sector (13.09.22)

This session will give you an understanding of social housing, it’s history and why things are done the way they are.

Presented by Deborah Walthorne

Roles & Responsibilities as a Director (20.09.22)

This session will set out the Role and Responsibilities of Directors/Board members. Understanding this is an important part of a new board member’s induction plan. It will give you a good grounding in your new role.  

Presented by Mandy Arnold

Regulation and Governance of Housing Associations (27.09.22)

We will be looking at Codes of Governance, Code of Conduct and the key principles around how Boards can lead a culture of Good Governance.

Presented by Deborah Walthorne. 

Introduction to Finance & Accounting (04.10.22)

This session will explain some of the terminology used in finance to help aid Board members understanding. We will discuss:

  • The building blocks to the financial statements and explain the differences between financial and management accounts.
  • The key elements of an association’s income and expenditure and its assets and liabilities.
  • The complexities involved in housing association financial statements and the key areas for Boards to focus on.

Presented by Bill Gill

Introduction to Audit & Audit Committees (11.10.22)

This session will look at the expanding role of Audit Committees and what they do. We will explore:

  • The key roles and responsibilities of the Committee.
  • The other activities that they may cover such as IT governance, VFM and litigation.
  • How the Audit Committee interacts with internal and external audit?
  • What internal and external audit offer the Audit Committee?

Presented by Bill Gill.

Introduction to Risk & Assurance (18.10.22)

The understanding and management of risk is a key element of any business.  Regulators expect all Boards to manage their risks effectively and have appropriate mitigations and resilience plans in place. This session will: 

  • Give Board members a good grounding in how risks are assessed and the development of risk mitigations and recovery plans.  
  • Consider how Board members gain assurance that risks are being managed and controls are being operated.  
  • Discuss the role of risk appetites and risk triggers in active risk management. 

Presented by Bill Gill.

Starting Tuesday 13 September at 12.30pm and then weekly until 18 October.  All sessions will be recorded and you will have access via our website.

The Board Induction program is £750 + VAT (10% discount for Go! members).

Contact us to book your space! Limited places available.

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