Introduction To Sustainability and Climate Change For Housing Association Boards

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There has never been so much content, so many opinions and so much urgency around sustainability and the environment. This introductory training session provides some important anchor points to support the attendee in framing the sustainability challenge and to identify points of alignment between your organisational strategic objectives and sustainability goals. It will cover:

  • Defining sustainability
  • The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and materiality
  • Alignment to purpose
  • Introduction to climate change and decarbonisation
  • Scoping options for a strategy

The session will introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals and consider where materiality may exist for housing. The session will introduce some key climate change facts to better understand the challenge. It will consider the crucial role of housing in addressing the challenge and introduce the scale of the decarbonisation challenge including what some of the current thinking is around how best to address these.

We will identify key policy drivers and confirm what we know is on the horizon and some of the policy gaps that need to be filled. The session will identify key regulatory and statutory touch points and reflect on how this might evolve in the future.  The session will end with some examples of how different approaches to sustainability may fit within a strategic framework for an organisation as well as some of the key questions to take away to explore further and gain assurance.  There will be time for questions and answers.

The training will be 1 hour, held online and will cost only £60 (plus VAT) per person.

We have not set a date for this yet, so Contact us to express an interest in this course.

We are also able to offer an extended, bespoke version of this training tailored to your organisation’s position and needs. Please contact us for more details and a specific quote.

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