Governance Support Staff Training

Junior Governance Support Officer Training

Whether you want to feel more confident in your current role, or you are new to the role, this program gives you the skills you need to excel.

By the end of the course you will understand more about why you do the things you are asked to do, know more about the environment you are working in (the Regulator, Companies house and Charity Commission) and will understand your place within the governance framework of your organisation.

Outline of The Program

1     The background to governance in the sector

  • What your regulator does and needs from your organisation
  • What type of Company your organisation is and what the implications of this are
  • What other bodies you need to report to
  • The role of the Board and Committees and its directors (board members)
  • The role of the Chief Executive and other senior staff
  • The role of the Governance Officers and Company Secretary
  • What support the board, Chief Executive and organisation needs from Governance Officers/Company Secretary
  • Interpreting the skills required in your job description
  • The role of the organisation’s business plan

 2   Essential meeting skills; the elements of a good board meeting

  • The meeting rules for successful meetings – usual conventions and where these are set out in your organisation
  • The role of the Chair
  • Preparation process needed to ensure a successful meeting
  • The role of the agenda and the agenda preparation process
  • Linking agendas to agreed business objectives and business plans
  • Reports for information
  • Confidentiality
  • Voting and consensus decision making

3    Developing Governance Officer skills

  • Minutes – the importance of recording discussions and decisions
  • Skills needed to develop good minute taking skills
  • Listening skills
  • Minute writing conventions
  • Checking for accuracy
  • Confidentiality and circulating minutes
  • Using electronic systems

To support your learning you get free access to the NHF code of Governance 2020 (21 January 2021) and What does the Code of Conduct cover (26 October 2015).

Normally this course would be run over a full busy day, however in light of the current situation we are running it via four, 2 hour webinar sessions.

The course is £450 plus VAT. If you are interested in it as part of the Governance staff support package the whole package is £650 plus VAT.