Throughout the year we run a number of different training courses and cover a variety of subjects presented by our expert’s from the housing sector. They are are run as online sessions. We are also able to offer bespoke training, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

We also run weekly Webinars. An annual subscription gives you access to the live webinars (term-time only, approx. 30-35 per year) and to our library of recorded sessions. Search Webinars for more details.

June 2022
August 2022
September 2022

Introduction To Supported Housing & Care

Coming soon – This training will provide an overview of supported housing in England and how it is funded. We will also explore the variety of supported housing models, and look at how we can modernise the way in which these are run with new technology, and how to ensure we tackle social isolation in older people.

A picture showing a pair of hands surrounding a model of the earth

Introduction To Sustainability and Climate Change For Housing Association Boards

Coming soon.
There has never been so much content, so many opinions and so much urgency around sustainability and the environment. This introductory training session provides some important anchor points to support the attendee in framing the sustainability challenge and to identify points of alignment between your organisational strategic objectives and sustainability goals.

A picture showing the word risk made out of scrabble tiles

Introduction to Risk and Assurance

Coming soon
1.5 hour training will provide Board Members with an introduction to Risk and Assurance. The understanding and management of risk is a key element of any business and all social landlords are expected to manage risk effectively by their Regulator. Aimed at all Board members.