November 2021
A picture of a word cloud of health and safety terms

Health & Safety Training For Board Members

November 2020 Sector Risk Profile puts H&S at the top of the agenda, where it should be. Is this reflected in your Board? Does your Board understand its responsibilities, how to get assurance from the Executives and how to lead from the top on this vital subject? If you or your Board are unsure on any of these areas then this course if for you.

A picture showing the word risk made out of scrabble tiles

Introduction To Risk & Assurance

25th November 2021

A webinar for new board members providing an understanding and management of risk. This session will give Board members and officers a good grounding in how risks are assessed and risk mitigations developed, as well as how Board members gain assurance that risks are being managed and controls are being operated so that you know that your organisation is complying with all its Regulatory requirements.

A picture showing a person writing the word Audit

Introduction To Audit & Audit Committees

18th November 2021

This webinar is aimed at new Board Members as part of their introduction programme, plus anyone looking to learn more about audit, including staff. 

The session will consider the general role of ‘audit’ and consider the two main functions that Boards come across – internal and external audit. It also reviews the main role and responsibilities for the Audit Committee, how it fits within the governance framework and what its key outputs are. 

October 2021
September 2021
A picture of a Regulation sign with England Flag

Introduction To Governance & Regulation In England

30th September 2021
Come and find out the basics of good governance and the requirements of the Codes of Governance, Code of Conduct and the key principles around how Boards can lead a culture of Good Governance. 

This Webinar is essential for Board Members, Executive and Governance staff, particularly those new to the role or to the housing sector.