February 2022
A picture of a red dice with the words Money, Value and Time on three faces

Value For Money (VFM) Training For Board Members In England

Coming soon.
This 1.5 hour training will provide Board Members with an overview of the updated Standard, along with tips and suggestions of how to ensure compliance with the Standard, particularly in relation to the reporting on VFM within the financial statements. It is important that providers do not lose sight of VFM during these difficult times when their focus may be on other issues. The ongoing issues related to Covid-19 may also impact upon VFM reporting and the webinar will consider some of the points that providers should address in their VFM reports.

Introduction To Supported Housing & Care

Coming soon – This training will provide an overview of supported housing in England and how it is funded. We will also explore the variety of supported housing models, and look at how we can modernise the way in which these are run with new technology, and how to ensure we tackle social isolation in older people.

A picture showing a person writing the word Audit

Introduction to Audit and Audit Committees for Board Members

Coming soon.
1.5 hour training will provide Board Members with an insight into Audit. This session will look at the expanding role of Audit Committees.  Committees may now cover risk, value for money and even litigation alongside audit and accounting requirements.  It will specifically look at the role of the Audit Committee in relation to audit, both internal and external.

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Introduction To Sustainability and Climate Change For Housing Association Boards

Coming soon.
There has never been so much content, so many opinions and so much urgency around sustainability and the environment. This introductory training session provides some important anchor points to support the attendee in framing the sustainability challenge and to identify points of alignment between your organisational strategic objectives and sustainability goals.

January 2022

Governance Assistant Training (both with and without BDA Support Package)

Starts 31 January 2022
This course will run on Mondays across 4 sessions; 31 January, 7 February, 14 February, (half term break) and 28 February.

Do you have (or are you) a governance officer/administrator who could do with help and support to learn more about the role and governance? Learn the skills you need to be the best governance officer you can be. This four month package includes a full day’s training, a suite of six recorded webinars to support your development, 121 mentoring from a member of the BDA and membership of our Governance Officer Go! Network – representing fantastic value for money!

A photo of a calculator, a sheet of figures and a pen

Introduction to Budgets and Management Information for Board Members

12 January 2022
1.5 hour training will provide Board Members with an introduction to Budgets and Management information. Maintaining a social landlord’s financial viability is a critical part of a board member’s role now and therefore understanding budgets and financial information is something all board members will be expected to do. Regulators expect boards to manage their organisation’s finances, as well as getting the best value out of the business.  This session will look at the key aspects of financial budgets and the role of the board in monitoring the financial information that is presented to them regularly.

A picture of a laptop showing a video conference meeting

Virtual Chair’s Training

Starts Monday 10 January 2022
This course will run on Mondays across 3 sessions – 10, 17, 24 January

Take your chairing skills to a new level. Join our sessions to share and find out how to lead your organisation or committee  in virtual and face to face meetings.
This 3 session Masterclass will increase your confidence, so you are effective in this challenging role.

December 2021
A picture of a word cloud of health and safety terms

Health & Safety Training For Board Members

9 December 2021
The Sector Risk Profile puts H&S at the top of the agenda, where it should be. Is this reflected in your Board? Does your Board understand its responsibilities, how to get assurance from the Executives and how to lead from the top on this vital subject? If you or your Board are unsure on any of these areas then this course if for you.

A picture showing the word risk made out of scrabble tiles

Introduction to Risk and Assurance for Board Members

1 December 2021
1.5 hour training will provide Board Members with an introduction to Risk and Assurance. The understanding and management of risk is a key element of any business and all social landlords are expected to manage risk effectively by their Regulator. This session will give Board members and officers a good grounding in how risks are assessed and the development of risk mitigations and recovery plans. The session will then consider how Board members gain assurance that risks are being managed and controls are being operated. As social landlords continue to be found wanting by Regulators around risk, how do you ensure that your organisation has been complying with all its requirements?