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A picture of a word cloud of health and safety terms

Health & Safety – What Board Members Need To Know

10 February 2022
The Sector Risk Profile puts H&S at the top of the agenda, where it should be. Is this reflected in your Board? Does your Board understand its responsibilities, how to get assurance from the Executives and how to lead from the top on this vital subject? If you or your Board are unsure on any of these areas then this course if for you.

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September 2021
A picture of a Regulation sign with England Flag

Introduction To Governance & Regulation In England

30th September 2021
Come and find out the basics of good governance and the requirements of the Codes of Governance, Code of Conduct and the key principles around how Boards can lead a culture of Good Governance. 

This Webinar is essential for Board Members, Executive and Governance staff, particularly those new to the role or to the housing sector.

A picture of three Directors sat around a laptop

Roles and Responsibilities of Effective Directors

9 September 2021
Have you been appointed to a Board for the first time?   This webinar will set out the Role and Responsibilities of Effective Directors. Understanding this is an important part of a new board member’s induction Plan. This bite size learning will give members an excellent grounding in their new role. It’s a good refresher for more experienced members too.

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A infographic of people with speech bubbles containing different methods of engagement

Effective Resident Engagement

20 May 2021 – The Charter for Social Housing Residents gave a clear signal around the importance of placing residents at the heart of landlord decision-making.  In this session, Darren Hartley – TAROE Trust’s Chief Executive will discuss the key things that Governance and other staff need to consider to ensure that a strong resident focus can be maintained from the perspective of good governance.

Housing Ombudsman Logo

Ombudsman complaints handling code

13 May 2021 – This webinar will look at the new complaint handling code set by the Housing Ombudsman in July 2020. Find out what residents rights are. How can residents access the complaints procedure? How to ensure a fair and resident focused complaints handling process. How to create a positive complain handling culture through continuous learning and improvement.  Self Assessment and demonstration of this learning in annual reports.

National Federation of ALMOs logo

Social Housing and ALMOS

29 April 2021 – ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisations) are companies set up by a local authority to manage and improve all or part of its housing stock. ALMOs can be beneficial where council’s do not have the knowledge, time or resources to manage their stock and where they receive the support of tenants.

March 2021
A picture of a street sign with the words asset management on it

Asset Management In Housing – Part 1

This webinar is an introduction to asset management. It covers the main elements of asset management, the risks Boards should be aware of and the questions Boards should be asking to get assurance. There will be a brief overview of the operational aspects and a bit of myth busting, so its good for those Board members new to housing or just new to asset management. 

February 2021

Social Housing White Paper

In this webinar we will be exploring the new Social Housing White Paper and how the government aims to put tenants at the heart of social housing. What does this mean for your organisation?  How can we strengthen relationships between ‘you’ the housing association and your residents?

January 2021

Introduction to ESG Reporting

ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting has been very much in the news of late but what is it all about? This session will explain the basics of ESG reporting, why it is becoming increasingly important in the capital markets and what it means for registered providers when seeking capital. The session will also provide a brief overview of the various standards around ESG reporting that are starting to appear within the sector.

A picture showing the front cover of the NHF Code of Governance 2020

The NHF Code of Governance 2020

22 January 2021 – The new NHF Code of Governance has been long awaited and seeks to reflect the key challenges facing today’s complex social housing organisations and the part Boards play in leading their organisations. This webinar will look at the 4 themes within the code and what they mean for you as Board members. We will also look at the implications for your organisation’s governance practice and how you can demonstrate compliance.

A picture of yellow tiles spelling out the word procurement

Procurement in Social Housing

Effective and robust procurement processes, and their subsequent application, are key to the success of your organisation. This webinar will explore the role of Board and Committee Members in setting standards and providing scrutiny of procurement activities. Covering key topics including: – Governance Frameworks. Purchase or Procure what’s the difference? The Procurement cycle. Responsibilities within the procurement cycle. Reporting, oversight & governance, Identification of common problems.

December 2020
A picture showing a person writing the word Audit

Introduction To Audit

This session will consider the general role of ‘audit’ and consider the two main functions that Boards come across – internal and external audit. The session will look at their key roles and responsibilities, especially the major differences between them. Delegates will learn how to get the most out of both functions and there will a general discussion at the end to take questions from delegates if they have any issues regarding their auditors.

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