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Introduction To Risk & Assurance

25 November 2021
A webinar for new board members providing an understanding and management of risk. This session will give Board members and officers a good grounding in how risks are assessed and risk mitigations developed, as well as how Board members gain assurance that risks are being managed and controls are being operated so that you know that your organisation is complying with all its Regulatory requirements.

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Introduction To Audit & Audit Committees

18 November 2021

This webinar is aimed at new Board Members as part of their introduction programme, plus anyone looking to learn more about audit, including staff. 

The session will consider the general role of ‘audit’ and consider the two main functions that Boards come across – internal and external audit. It also reviews the main role and responsibilities for the Audit Committee, how it fits within the governance framework and what its key outputs are. 

October 2021
September 2021

Governance Assistant Training (both with and without BDA Support Package)

Starting 13 September 2021 – Do you have (or are you) a governance officer/administrator who could do with help and support to learn more about the role and governance? Learn the skills you need to be the best governance officer you can be. This four month package includes a full day’s training, a suite of six recorded webinars to support your development, 121 mentoring from a member of the BDA and membership of our Governance Officer Go! Network – representing fantastic value for money!

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Roles and Responsibilities of Effective Directors

9 September 2021
Have you been appointed to a Board for the first time?   This webinar will set out the Role and Responsibilities of Effective Directors. Understanding this is an important part of a new board member’s induction Plan. This bite size learning will give members an excellent grounding in their new role. It’s a good refresher for more experienced members too.

July 2021
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Introduction To Net Zero Carbon For Housing Association Boards

14 July 2021 – This training session seeks to build a foundation of principles, language and ideas for the decarbonisation journey to net zero carbon. The session introduces some of the language of climate change and decarbonisation and helps understand the differences between shorter term policy objectives around 2030 and the longer term net zero objectives towards 2050.

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Introduction To Sustainability and Climate Change For Housing Association Boards

7 July 2021 – There has never been so much content, so many opinions and so much urgency around sustainability and the environment. This introductory training session provides some important anchor points to support the attendee in framing the sustainability challenge and to identify points of alignment between your organisational strategic objectives and sustainability goals.

June 2021
May 2021
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Effective Resident Engagement

20 May 2021 – The Charter for Social Housing Residents gave a clear signal around the importance of placing residents at the heart of landlord decision-making.  In this session, Darren Hartley – TAROE Trust’s Chief Executive will discuss the key things that Governance and other staff need to consider to ensure that a strong resident focus can be maintained from the perspective of good governance.

Housing Ombudsman Logo

Ombudsman complaints handling code

13 May 2021 – This webinar will look at the new complaint handling code set by the Housing Ombudsman in July 2020. Find out what residents rights are. How can residents access the complaints procedure? How to ensure a fair and resident focused complaints handling process. How to create a positive complain handling culture through continuous learning and improvement.  Self Assessment and demonstration of this learning in annual reports.

Fire Safety

How will the Fire Safety Act 2021 impact Social Housing?

On Monday 26 April there was another cladding fire in a housing association block at Crystal Court in Thornton Heath, Croydon owned by Orbit Housing Association, fortunately no one was seriously injured but damage was caused to two flats. The week also brings news that the Fire Safety Bill has passed through the Houses of Commons and Lords without amendment and received Royal Assent on 29 April 2021. It applies to England and Wales. Separate fire safety legislation is in place in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Make sure you are aware of your responsibilities under the Act. The new Act will • amend the Fire Safety Order 2005 to clarify that the responsible person or duty-holder (i.e. the landlord, owner, facilities manager, building manager, managing agent, risk assessor or anyone else with control of the premises) responsible for multi-occupied, residential buildings must manage and reduce the risk of fire for: o the structure and external walls of the building, including ...

Salix Homes Recruiting Board Members

Salix Homes owns and manages around 7900 homes across Salford, Greater Manchester. Approximately one in ten people in the area live in one of our homes - so we are an integral part of the local community and ideally positioned to make a real difference to people’s lives. We work hard to understand the things that matter most to our customers and design our services around their needs. We’re rethinking housing to find new ways to deliver excellent customer services and innovative solutions to housing Looking forward, we continue to anticipate and adapt to a fast changing agenda, with an emphasis on quality, value for money services, safety of our homes, developing new homes and promoting Salix Homes as a great place to work. To support these ambitions, we now wish to appoint two new Board Members who are looking to invest their expertise and experience on behalf of others. As a Board member, you’ll play a part in scrutinising and developing our organisation’s ...

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Social Housing and ALMOS

29 April 2021 – ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisations) are companies set up by a local authority to manage and improve all or part of its housing stock. ALMOs can be beneficial where council’s do not have the knowledge, time or resources to manage their stock and where they receive the support of tenants.

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Introduction to ESG Reporting

ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting has been very much in the news of late but what is it all about? This session will explain the basics of ESG reporting, why it is becoming increasingly important in the capital markets and what it means for registered providers when seeking capital. The session will also provide a brief overview of the various standards around ESG reporting that are starting to appear within the sector.

A picture showing the front cover of the NHF Code of Governance 2020

The NHF Code of Governance 2020

22 January 2021 – The new NHF Code of Governance has been long awaited and seeks to reflect the key challenges facing today’s complex social housing organisations and the part Boards play in leading their organisations. This webinar will look at the 4 themes within the code and what they mean for you as Board members. We will also look at the implications for your organisation’s governance practice and how you can demonstrate compliance.

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Procurement in Social Housing

Effective and robust procurement processes, and their subsequent application, are key to the success of your organisation. This webinar will explore the role of Board and Committee Members in setting standards and providing scrutiny of procurement activities. Covering key topics including: – Governance Frameworks. Purchase or Procure what’s the difference? The Procurement cycle. Responsibilities within the procurement cycle. Reporting, oversight & governance, Identification of common problems.

December 2020
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Introduction To Audit

This session will consider the general role of ‘audit’ and consider the two main functions that Boards come across – internal and external audit. The session will look at their key roles and responsibilities, especially the major differences between them. Delegates will learn how to get the most out of both functions and there will a general discussion at the end to take questions from delegates if they have any issues regarding their auditors.

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Company Secretarial Training For Housing Associations

Whilst some associations are fortunate to have a qualified Chartered Governance professional dedicated to the role of Company Secretary, pressures on resourcing often make it necessary for smaller associations to combine the role with another Director. Often in these circumstances Directors receive little opportunity for specialised training in this area and instead learn on the job.  Francis Bourke from South Devon Rural Housing Association (SDRHA) was recently appointed Company Secretary for his organisation. Although he had been involved in governance with the organisation, becoming the Company Secretary, he wanted to learn the specific responsibilities and contacted the Board Development Agency for assistance. We were able to design one-to-one company secretarial training specifically tailored for the housing sector and factoring in the exact governance arrangements at SDRHA. The training covered the full breadth of the role of a housing association company secretary an ...

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